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Where We Work

Where We Work

Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation has been
empowering people, transforming communities through social economy
in 26 countries around the world.


Good Neighbors supports about 1,000 background image

Good Neighbors(GN) supports about 621 cooperatives and 13 social enterprises which are attend to increase income and financially self-reliance through running small business such as agriculture, livestock, manufacturing and other sectors.

In addition, microfinance business is being promoted to improve sustainable economic activities and financial accessibility.
GN supports the production and sale of products made by low-income residents to help them become economically self-reliance.

  • Asia icon

    Asia (12 countries)

    Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam,
    Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Indonesia,
    Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India

  • Africa (10 countries) icon

    Africa (10 countries)

    Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia,
    Niger, Tanzania, Mozambique, Chad, Uganda

  • Latin America & Caribbean (4 countries) icon

    Latin America & Caribbean
    (4 countries)

    Guatemala, Dominican, Paraguay,

pharmaceuticals, education and energy as 6 main sectors background image

Good Neighbors runs businesses in varied industries, including food, livestock & feeding, agricultural distribution,
pharmaceuticals, education and energy as 6 main sectors.

  • Guatemala ― Buenos Vecinos S.A. icon

    Guatemala ― Buenos Vecinos S.A.

    Strengthen the capacity of economic self-
    reliance in rural areas through the production
    and sales of the improved Cookstove

  • Guatemala ― Buena Tierra icon

    Guatemala ― Buena Tierra

    Add values in the coffee value chain
    via processing and product development
    to increase Mayan coffee farmers’ income

  • Nepal ― H Plant icon

    Nepal ― H Plant

    Produce and sell herb oil, cosmetics raw
    materials by Himalaya hub processing facility

  • Rwanda ― Café de Gisagara icon

    Rwanda ― Café de Gisagara

    Purchase and sell the coffee beans from
    the coffee cooperative

  • Malawi ― Fair Way icon

    Malawi ― Fair Way

    Increase local farmers’ income through
    the distribution of agricultural products

  • Mongolia ― Good Sharing icon

    Mongolia ― Good Sharing

    Pursues both social and economic values
    by providing eco-friendly products for fuel
    saving for households and laundry services
    for improving sanitation for low-income

  • Vietnam ― Cooplus icon

    Vietnam ― Cooplus

    Support producing high-value, fresh
    vegetables, and sell agricultural produce
    for the low-income minorities in Vietnam

  • Cambodia ― Good Solar Innovation icon

    Cambodia ― Good Solar Innovation

    Produce and sell solar energy products and
    bottled water from water purification plants

  • Kyrgyzstan ― SBE icon

    Kyrgyzstan ― SBE

    Taxi business for socially disadvantaged women

  • Paraguay ― Buenos Negocios icon

    Paraguay ― Buenos Negocios

    Increase income small scale farmers andcprovide vocational training through dairy
    business operation

Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation established 1 Micro Financing Institution in the Dominican Republic in 2019 background image

Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation established 1 Micro Financing Institution in the Dominican Republic in 2019,
and will establish 4 more by 2020. In addition, GNGIF plans to transform existing revolving funds
that are operated in GN Partnership Countries into official Micro Financing Institutions by 2030, in order to improve access to finance
by professional management of the funds.

  • In operation icon

    In operation

    FONDECO (Dominican Republic)

  • To be established icon

    To be established

    Guatemala, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Indonesia

굿네이버스 소셜 네트워크를 나타내는 굿네이버스 지도 background image

Good Neighbors operates the brands “The Neighbors Coffee” and “MERRYCOOP” to effectively support
the economic independence of local residents in GN`s field countries based on profitability and public interest.
We provide education for the development of competences of low-income residents and support production
and sales of products to help them continue to earn income and become economically independent.

  • MERRYCOOP icon


    Bangladesh ‘Mipur’ Cooperative


    Guatemala ‘Muun’ Group

    Handicraft & fabric

    Kyrgyzstan ‘Buguenye’ Cooperative

    Wool felt

    Mongolia ‘Tod Ilch’ Cooperative




  • The Neighbors Coffee icon

    The Neighbors Coffee

    Guatemala Social Enterprise ‘Buena Tierra’

    Green beans

    Rwanda Social Enterprise ‘Café de Gisagara’

    Green beans

    Ethiopia Farmhouse Association

    Review in progress

    Indonesia Social Enterprise

    Review in progress

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