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Micro Financing

Micro Financing

Providing opportunities
by enhancing access to finance.

GNGIF promotes micro financing as it is essential to primary industry
producers, creating positive impact on positive cash flow, enabling product
and service producers to settle debts and re-invest in their businesses,
pay for expenses, and create buffer against future financial challenges.
Micro financing will be one of the core components of GN’s Social
Economy Ecosystem.

Role of Micro Financing in GN’s Social Economy Ecosystem

  • MFI icon

    Widening financial access
    of cooperatives

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  • Social Enterprise icon

    Social Enterprise
    Concentrated technology
    & resource integration

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Local Market

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Impact of GN Micro Financing

  • Focus on production activities icon

    Focus on production activities

    Loans provided with focus on
    production not consumption

  • Low Interest rate icon

    Low Interest rate

    Burden of repayment much less
    than other service providers

  • Ownership with community icon

    Ownership with community

    Strengthen ownership of the fund
    provided to the community members

Micro Financing Institutions in GN Partnership Countries

Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation established 1 Micro Financing Institution in the Dominican Republic in 2019, and promotes microfinance projects in 26 countries as of 2022. 
In addition, GNGIF plans to transform existing revolving funds that are operated in GN Partnership Countries into official.
Micro Financing Institutions by 2030, in order to improve access to finance by professional management of the funds.

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