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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Good Neighbors Global Impact foundation is
operating businesses in
various industries,
including agriculture, energy, feed and distribution.

  • Rwanda – AGrowth icon

    Rwanda – AGrowth

    Produce and sell quality maize flour to contribute to enhanced access to healthy food for low-income households and improved child health

  • Uganda – Good Briquette Initiative icon

    Uganda – Good Briquette Initiative

    Produce and sell eco-friendly and affordable alternative cooking fuel made of sugarcane byproduct to prevent deforestation and contribute to increased disposable income of low-income households

  • Paraguay ― Buenos Negocios icon

    Paraguay ― Buenos Negocios

    Increase income small scale farmers andcprovide vocational training through dairy
    business operation

  • Guatemala ― Buena Tierra icon

    Guatemala ― Buena Tierra

    Add values in the coffee value chain
    via processing and product development
    to increase Mayan coffee farmers’ income

  • Mongolia ― Good Sharing icon

    Mongolia ― Good Sharing

    Provide eco-friendly fuel saving products and laundry services to low-income households for water saving and improved sanitation

  • Cambodia ― Good Solar Innovation icon

    Cambodia ― Good Solar Innovation

    Produce and sell solar energy products and
    bottled water from water purification plants

  • Vietnam ― Cooplus icon

    Vietnam ― Cooplus

    Support producing high-value, fresh
    vegetables, and sell agricultural produce
    for the low-income minorities in Vietnam

  • Malawi ― Fair Way icon

    Malawi ― Fair Way

    Increase local farmers’ income through
    the distribution of agricultural products

  • Rwanda ― Café de Gisagara icon

    Rwanda ― Café de Gisagara

    Purchase and sell the coffee beans from
    the coffee cooperative

  • Nepal ― H Plant icon

    Nepal ― H Plant

    Produce and sell herb oil, cosmetics raw
    materials by Himalaya hub processing facility

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