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Social Business

Social Business

Social Business team works with local communities in overseas countries in order to promote income generation and self-reliance through providing them
necessary trainings related to product production and sales. Based on such social and economic values, we operate brands; “The Neighbors Coffee” and
“MERRYCOOP” to effectively support the economic independence of the vulnerable in countries where we work. The Neighbors Coffee produces and
distributes coffee products, processed by local associations and social enterprises. The cooperative brand MERRYCOOP develops, produces and sells locally
handmade products to improve the local community’s economic independence.

The Neighbors Coffee with locals

“From farms to cafes, Coffee made by Good Neighbors and the local community”

Neighbors Coffee img Neighbors Coffee img

Coffee is known as a ‘cash-crop’ which can improve coffee farmers’ standard of living, but quite often fair wages and decent working environment for farmers are not guaranteed. The brand “The Neighbors Coffee” was created not only for the continuance of economic activity and sustainability of local coffee farmers, but also to improve the quality of beans and secure sales channels for the coffee growers.

Sustainable coffee brand by Good Neighbors
‘The Neighbors Coffee’

We have a local processing facility to directly purchase and process good quality coffee cherries purchased directly
from farmers and cooperatives to produce green beans.

We dispatch professional to maintain the produce in a high quality, and help them to stay competitive in the market
by strengthening their capacity via educating local residents.

We support their sustainable self-reliance by importing high-quality locally processed green beans and selling them domestically and overseas.

Increasing income through coffee production

We provide training on coffee cultivation and support cash flow of coffee cherries to help our members to grow and trade coffee stably.


  • Neighbors Coffee img
  • Neighbors Coffee img
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    Coffee Business Area

    We have established social enterprises related to coffee
    processing in Rwanda and Guatemala and plan to expand
    the business to kenya.

  • Cafe Business img

    Cafe Business

    We have cafes(Seoul and Incheon city) using Rwanda coffee, in order to independence of coffee growers in the country.

Brand MERRYCOOP for cooperatives

“Joyful self-reliance of cooperatives continues.”

메리쿱 img 메리쿱 img

[Merry]Plus Btn[Coop]

MERRYCOOP wishes happy lives of cooperative members.

We design and manufacture goods with consumption-value made with unique materials from developing countries.

Low-level income people in developing countries face challenges such as national poverty, early marriage, gender discrimination and regional isolation, which limit opportunities to become economically self-reliant. The brand “MERRYCOOP” was created to provide production training, product design and to securing sales channels and marketing activities for the self-reliance of cooperative members, located in GN Partnership countries.

How the profit is used

First, we support raw material purchase, fair wages and technical trainings related to product production to cooperative members. MERRYCOOP also imports finished goods and sell them domestically and to overseas. Profits generated are returned fairly to local residents, enabling their sustainable self-reliance.

  • 협동조합개발국가 안내 지도 과테말라 타지키스탄 몽골 키르기즈스탄 방글라데시 등
  • Cooperative Product
    Development Countries (2022)

    Since 2017, brand ‘MERRYCOOP’ has been launching design products, made by cooperative members of Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Bangladesh and Guatemala, and more GN Partnership countries are in process of product development.


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  • Felt Coaster / Shoes img

    Felt Coaster / Shoes

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    Jute Bag

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