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Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation, Signing MOU with Watson RnD Sharing and Bion Life Science to Develop the Social Economy

SEOUL-On September 18 (Friday), the Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation (President Hyun Jin-young) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Watson RnD Sharing (CEO Kim Bong-yoon) and Bion Life Science (CEO Goh Chang-wook) to develop and promote the social economy.

Watson RnD Sharing Co., Ltd. is a firm specializing in vaccine development, which researches and develops innovative vaccines based on state-of-the-art genetic recombinant technologies. Bion Life Science is a certified start-up enterprise, which specializes in manufacturing medical devices and life science experiment equipment. Watson RnD Sharing and Bion Life Science have been conducting research and business actively in their fields based on business exchanges and collaboration between the two companies.

The Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation and Watson RnD Sharing will plan and implement a collaboration project for developing countries around the world including Asia and Africa based on various animal vaccines including those for foot-and-mouth disease virus(FMDV). With Bion Life Science, the Foundation is planning to jointly develop a project that applies various medical devices and life science-related products including COVID-19 collection kits for the purpose of Transport and Preservation. In addition, both promised to establish a continuous network for collaboration, establish a collaboration system for tasks related to the social economy, and make efforts to boost the social economy.

CEO Kim Bong-yoon at Watson RnD Sharing said, “With this MOU, we have been trying to localize and commercialize foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, which have been all imported from other countries as quickly as possible, and establish the groundwork to provide the vaccines to Vietnam.”

CEO Goh Chang-wook at Bion Life Science said, “With our collaboration with the Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation to develop the social economy, we are planning to consider building a local hub in Southeast Asia including Vietnam where we would produce medical devices and experiment equipment.”

President Hyun Jin-young of the Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation said, “This MOU is particularly meaningful as it serves as an opportunity to strengthen economic independence for local residents part of the livestock industry in developing countries and contribute to their safe and healthy life through sanitation and health.”

Meanwhile, in addition to this MOU for the social economy, Watson RnD Sharing and Bion Life Science made sharing more meaningful as they donated 3,000 masks and non-contact thermometers to the Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation for the safety of the disadvantaged class in Vietnam.

Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation pursues social economy ecosystem which enables sustainable community development by creating both social and economic value through technical support and capacity building.

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