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The Kyrgyz Republic Social Taxi Project

The Kyrgyz Republic Social Taxi Project

This project is designed for supporting vulnerable Kyrgyz women to overcome social discrimination and financial challenges.
Introducing ‘The Kyrgyz Republic Social Taxi Project’ supported by GNGIF.

Many Kyrgyz people have left their country because of the bad economic situation.
Moreover, due to a mood of sexual discrimination, women’s income is only 79% of men’s income. Also, vulnerable women,
like unmarried mothers and female-headed households, are difficult to get a job because opportunities entering society are limited.

In this current situation, GNGIF has been supporting economic independence for Kyrgyz women who are poor and vulnerable.

(Photo: Scene offering a car and vocational training to Kyrgyz women)


To reduce the burden of raising initial funds of vulnerable women, GNGIF offers a car to the women at affordable prices and vocational training for driving and customer correspondence.
Also, GNGIF provides administrative support regarding their work. 

As a result of this project, women drivers’ average monthly incomes increase from US$140 to US$368,
and this allows the women to feel the changes of their life both economically and socially in the stable situation.

Moreover, outcomes, hiring 9 Women drivers and 1 Manager, gives great help in regional economic development and raising awareness regarding women’s entry in society.

In the future, GNGIF will stock a total of 20 cars until 2023 and manage the following matters to many Kyrgyz women
who could take part in economic activities by having their jobs.

Please show your interest and support this project to change the public awareness about Kyrgyz women and overcome barriers of discrimination.

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